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Our commitment and effort is not just focused on guaranteeing client satisfaction but also on working to improve society and the region..

Sustainability is woven into Villart Logistic’s company policy:

Download Integrated Management Policy

We are in a period of great economic, social and environmental changes which represent a major challenge for society. As companies, we have the obligation to contribute positively to the proper execution of these changes. Thus, VL has added CSR to its strategic planning, incorporating the SDGs spearheaded by the United Nations and included in Agenda 2030.

Year after year, our commitment remains in force, promoting and supporting initiatives which help to build a better life for everyone. We want to emphasise our commitment to sustainability and the creation of a fairer society:

Download CSR Policy

Committed to our employees

    • Onboarding programme.
    • Programme of full compliance with the occupational law in force and employee rights.
    • Healthy lifestyle programme.
    • Gender equality programme.  Download Equality Plan
    • Ongoing and coherent professional development programme.
    • Work-life balance programme.
    • Safe and healthy workplace.
    • Professional development programme.
    • Diversity. Download Diversity Plan
    • Open and ongoing communication.
    • Driver’s handbook for our chauffeurs. Descargar Manual del conductor adaptado a nuestros transportistas subcontratados

Committed to the environment

    • Programme to reduce CO2 and pollutant gas emissions.
    • Efficient safe driving programme.
    • Water and energy saving programme.
    • Commitment in Zero Pellet Loss to the environment.
    • Recycling and waste reduction programme.
    • Good environmental practices in the office.
    • CO2 offset programme. For each Scania vehicle acquired, Scania Ibérica has planted a tree in Scania Forest. In 2022, 85 tonnes of CO2 have been absorbed.. Descargar Certificados Un Scania Un árbol.

Committed to society

    • Biomedical research and funding programme.
    • Programme to promote sports and physical activity among children in our community.
    • Financial contribution to cancer patient associations.
    • Collaboration with associations and social organisations in our community to help people in need.

Committed to responsible and ethical company governance

    • Corporate legal responsibility and compliance programme.
    • Corporate ethics code.
    • Goals of cost reduction and increased operating efficiency.
    • Commitment to transmitting and educating our stakeholders in the principles of sustainability.
    • Sustainable business development. 

Sustainably connecting to the world is one of VILLART LOGISTIC´s goals, which is why our CSR Goals include:

    • Achieving equal opportunities and conditions between genders and empowering all women.
    • Promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth based on ethics and respect.
    • Taking urgent measures against climate change and its effects.
      Ensuring high-quality, fair and healthy professional and educational development.
    • Promoting changes in our sector toward more responsible practices and generating value shared with society.

In addition, our strategy in sustainability is closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the UN, having a positive impact in 11 of them: