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We are totally convinced that we must address serious problems on a worldwide level which must be solved if we really want to achieve a more sustainable society


To do so, we have designed policies focused on improving our overall contribution to society based on the following principles of sustainability:


  • Achieve equal opportunities and conditions between genders and empower all women.
  • Promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth based on ethics and respect.
  • Take urgent measures against climate change and its effects.
  • High-quality, fair and healthy professional and educational development.


  • Creating a better workplace for our employees:
    • Programme on full compliance with current occupational law and workers’ rights.
    • Healthy lifestyle programme.
    • Gender equality programme.
    • Continuing and coherent professional development programme.
    • Work-life balance programme.
    • Safe and healthy workplace.
  • Responsible and ethical company governance:
    • Corporate legal responsibility and compliance programme.
    • Corporate ethical code.
    • Objectives to reduce costs and increase operating efficiency.
    • Commitment to transmitting and educating our stakeholders in the principles of sustainability.
    • Sustainable company development.
    • Objectives of profitability and economic financial stability.
  • Reducing our environmental impact:
  • Investing in improving our community and social environment:
    • Biomedical research and funding programme.
    • Programme to promote sports and physical activity among children in our community.
    • Economic collaboration with associations of cancer patients.
    • Collaboration with associations and social organisations in our community to help vulnerable people.