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We take our corporate responsibility very seriously, which is why the company has implemented an integrated management system for quality, environment, safety and health at work


Since 2009, when the company was first certified, we have continued to improve and optimise our processes, adapting ourselves to the changes and demands of our customers’ sectors through change management plans and a perspective based on risk-benefit analysis.

Today, it is the job of the company’s Customer Care department to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by meeting their needs and expectations. 


The company is highly implicated in the place where we develop our activities, and we are concerned about the environmental impact these activities may cause.  

Some of the actions we perform are:

  • Constant fleet renewal: the average age of our vehicles is 3 – 4 years, and 100% have Euro 6 engines.
  • The company monitors a number of factors to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Qualification programme: Our drivers are instructed in the efficient use of vehicles and techniques to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, most of them have been trained in BBS.
  • Company digitalisation.


Occupational hazard prevention, safety at work and the health of our workers are fundamental values of our business culture. That’s why the company’s number-one goal is zero accidents. 

  • The company employs a prevention management system based on ISO 45001 .
  • Employees are encouraged to participate, collaborate and get involved.
  • There is an annual training plan and employees attend ongoing training.
  • Actions are taken to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • A healthy lifestyle programme has been introduced.

To accomplish these tasks, the company has introduced an Integrated Management Policy based on the principles of ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 45001.